Sponsorship Opportunities

2021 Asian Oceanian Congress of Neurology welcomes industry and academic groups to participate in this International Congress through sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. The committee determines five levels of the sponsorship support including Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze-level and Others, based on the proportion of the sponsor’s contribution to the Congress. Since the exhibition space is limited in the Congress venue, the committee of the 2021AOCN will assign the available space based on the inquiry responses and a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to the exhibition sponsorship, the Congress welcomes the support for the Poster and the Video Challenge Prize. There are also some opportunities to sponsor Congress accessories.

  • ü Requests from exhibitors are recommended to contact the Secretary of the Taiwan Neurological Society as early as possible. The exhibition location will depend on the order which requests are confirmed.
  • ü The 2021 AOCN does not permit any industry-sponsored symposia and/or external programs outside of the purchased Symposium sessions.
  • ü Congress supporters agree to not use the Taiwan Neurological Society names and/or logos for promotion of any products.
Level of the sponsorship and Cost:

Please inquire with Secretariat at AOCN2021@gmail.com for details of the specific prices in each level.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations cancelled after being confirmed will be completely refunded 5 months before April 1, 2021. Otherwise an administrative fee up to 50% will be charged.

Any requests for the sponsorship opportunities are welcomed. Please contact us at AOCN2021@gmail.com.