Interactive Program

Time slot's time in Taipei (GMT+8)
Cerebral Vascular Diseases 2021/04/02 08:30-15:30 Room 201 ABC
Current Advances in Stroke of New Understanding, Therapeutics Approaches and Preventative Strategies
2021/04/02 Topic Speaker Moderator
Theme 1 Theme 1 Setting the New Horizon of Perspectives on Stroke
08:30-09:00 Next target for stroke treatment: how to toughen the brain  Cheng-Yang HsiehTaiwan  
09:00-09:30 Building linked big data for stroke in Korea: values of big data and hurdles to overcome Byung-Woo YoonKorea  
09:30-10:00 Genetic signatures in ischemic stroke: discovery, biology, and clinical applications Hugh S. MarkusUK  
Theme 2 Theme 2 Update on Therapeutics of Stroke
10:30-11:00 The role of dual antiplatelets in high-risk secondary stroke prevention  Kazunori ToyodaJapan  
11:00-11:30  Optimal treatment for intracranial atherosclerosis: current and future directions Marc ChimowitzUSA  
11:30-12:00 Intracranial atherosclerosis: risk factors control, antiplatelet(s), and what else? Hung-Yu HuangTaiwan  
Theme 3 Theme 3 Current Trends and Concepts of Stroke Management
14:00-14:30 Thrombolysis beyond 4.5 hours: to do or not to do? Henry MaAustralia  
14:30-15:00 Embolic stroke of undetermined source (ESUS): where are we now? Wei-Ren FuTaiwan  
15:00-15:30 Mystery of small vessel disease: clues from cerebral hemorrhage Li-Kai TsaiTaiwan