Welcome Message


Dear Colleagues,

  It is a great honor and pleasure that the 17th Asian Oceanian Congress of Neurology (2021 AOCN/ARCH) will be held on April 1-4, 2021.

  The COVID-19 pandemics triggered the postponement of the 2021 AOCN/ARCH from October 8-11, 2020, to April 1-4, 2021. However, this contagion is currently revolving around the world and provoked the second surge. While we are considering all options in delivering the best quality conference to delegates, protecting our attendees and staff's health, safety, and well-being is our paramount priority. It is the reason to force us to decide on taking another plan.

  The 2021 AOCN/ARCH is now being organized into a "hybrid" style conference, having physical and virtual attendance. More specifically, the overseas delegates virtually join the conference through online access, whereas the local Taiwanese participants should participate physically in the real venue of Taipei International Convention Center (TICC).

  Om behalf of Taiwan Neurological Society (TNS), the host of 2021 AOCN/ARCH, we have engaged ourselves in every aspect to make 2021 AOCN/ARCH a fantastic event. We have fully engaged in organizing the 2021 AOCN/ARCH to be a 4-day program that includes two plenary lectures, 18 parallel sessions, 2 educational sessions, and 10 poster oral presentation sessions. More than 150 lectures are given by renowned international speakers and local experts to converse current findings, promote new concepts, and share the latest understanding of neurology and neuroscience.

  The neurology and neuroscience landscape is rapidly evolving into an extraordinary territory filled with fantastic ideas, new applications, and novel therapeutics. The catchphrase of 2021 AOCN/ARCH, "Approaching New Frontiers of Neurology," is quite timely and attractive. We design the scientific program to provide specific perspectives on neurogenetic, neurophysiology, neurorehabilitation, neuromodulation, neuroimage, neuroimmunology, neuromuscular disorders, movement disorders, cerebrovascular disorders, neurobehavior disorders, sleep disorders, and headache. The unique feature of 2021 AOCN/ARCH will be that we innovate two new parallel sessions in the history of AOCN "neuropathology" and "clinical implementation of Artificial Intelligence." We offer many great educational sessions of the skilled forum, workshops, and case-based learnings.

  We promise that your presence at 2021 AOCN/ARCH will be an enriched and memorable experience and sincerely anticipate your attendance.

With kind regards and best wishes

Rou-Shayn Chen
Chair, 2021 AOCN/ARCH Organizing Committee
President, Taiwan Neurological Society