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The related main theme: A. Stroke and Cerebral vascular disorders

以電腦斷層灌流檢查分辨癲癇重積狀態以及急性缺血性腦中風  病例報告

Identifying status epilepticus from acute ischemic stroke by brain CT perfusion :two case reports


蕭亦揚, MD 1 , 許仲甫, MD 1 , 
Xiao  Yi-Yang , MD 1 , Hsu  Chung-Fu , MD 1 , 
1 中山醫學大學附設醫院神經科
1 Department of Neurology , Chung Shan Medical University Hospital
Corresponding Author:

Chi  Hsin Yi , PhD, MD
Department of Neurology , Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

keywords: seizure ; ischemic stroke ;brain perfusion ;rt-PA
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Case 1 : A 61y/o female was sent to emergent department (ED)due to acute onset of left side weakness and consciousness disturbance. Non contrast brain computerized tomography (CT) performed did not find any brain lesions. This patient received recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA ) then . Later, her brain CT perfusion completed and increased perfusion over the right frontal-parietal lobes was noted. One episode of generalized tonic clonic seizure developed a half one hour after rt-PA injection. We added anti-epileptic drugs (AED) for seizure control . Two hours later, all the neurological deficits subsided. Her brain MRI followed on the next day did not find any infarction lesions . Case 2 : A 79 y/o female was sent to our ED due to acute onset of left side weakness and consciousness disturbance; mechanical thrombectomy was considered according to clinical history. Non-contrast brain CT did not find compatible new lesions ;her brain CT perfusion completed with preserved intracranial arteries; increased perfusion over the right frontal-temporal lobes was noted .According to this finding, we added AED for seizure control and arranged electroencephalography ,which revealed periodic lateralized epileptiform discharges(PLED) over right hemisphere ; her consciousness and weakness improved after treatment.


Seizure is difficult to differentiate from ischemic stroke by the clinical presentation and non-contrast brain alone. However, recognizing seizure is important for the following treatment to conduct thrombolysis, mechanical thrombectomy or anticonvulsant drugs. Analyzing the different parameters of brain CT perfusion helped to identify stroke mimics and choose the correct treatment plans.