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The related main theme: A. Stroke and Cerebral vascular disorders

狗咬後左側頸動脈剝離引起腦梗塞性中風經支架治療: 病案報告

Left common carotid dissection after left neck dog-bitten injury, post stenting and IA thrombectomy: Case report


林育琨, MD 1 , 張健宏, MD 1 , 
Yukun  Lin, MD 1 , Chien-Hung  Chang, MD 1 , 
1 林口長庚醫院
1 Chang Gang memorial hospital, Linkou branch
Corresponding Author:

Yukun  Lin , MD
Chang Gang memorial hospital, Linkou branch

keywords: penetrating neck injury; carotid artery dissection; endovascular treatment
Abstract for case report

77-year-old male patient suffered from dog-bitten, resulting left common carotid artery dissection and left hemisphere ischemic stroke. Endovascular treatment with stenting and PTA were done and his right limbs muscle power got much improving after intervention.

According to Denver scale, our patient is in group 3 and suitable for endovascular intervention with stenting. Penetrating neck injury due to dog-bitten induces larger risk of carotid artery injury. Our patient got clinically good response to endovascular treatment.