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The related main theme: A. Stroke and Cerebral vascular disorders


A patient of moyamoya syndrome associated with HIV and neurosyphilis coinfection


隋元, MD 1 , 
Yuan  Sui, MD 1 , 
1 衛生福利部雙和醫院
1 Shuang Ho Hospital,Ministry of Health and Welfare
Corresponding Author:

Li Kai  Huang , MD
Shuang Ho Hospital,Ministry of Health and Welfare

keywords: moyamoya, HIV, neurosyphilis, sex-transmitted disease
Abstract for case report

We presented a patient with neurosyphilis and HIV co-infection, associated with recurrent infarcts over right middle cerebral artery and left posterior cerebral artery territory infarcts within a two-year interval, and an incident finding of moyamoya-like vasculopathy.

There are several acquired differential diagnosis of moyamoya disease. Including autoimmune vasculitis, hematologic conditions , delayed complications of cranial irradiation, viral or bacterial infections . However, viral infections such as VZV and HIV vasculopathy may be easily overlooked. Therefore, we launched a question: In the era of advanced public health politics and prevalent antimicrobials. Could we still underestimated the significance of sex-transmitted disease on the central nervous system ?